• Phone: (832) 237-5125

Matthew Gutierrez


Short Bio:

Born and raised in the Lone Star State the past 22 years, along with a big family (1 brother, 2 sisters). Interesting fact is that along with being a DJ, I am a professional beatboxer and go under the alias as DJ Altitude.

Music interest:

Big on Country (Both older and newer) top 40’s, EDM, and my Christian (KSBJ/Air1 type) music as well.

Favorite type of event:

High School/college events and Weddings. Reason being is because they’re usually around my age and bring a lot of energy to the table (or dance floor so to speak).

Reason he likes working at JPL:

I enjoy working at JPL because of the people that work here. Very fun environment and I’m always learning new things!


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