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Schedule Coordinator Questions

Are the Online Planners important?

The Online Planners are INCREDIBLY important. They allow the team to gain valuable insight into your event, the unique moments in you and your fiance’s history, your families histories and your music interests. Don’t let the planners overwhelm you though, the introductions and reception highlights are the most important for us to have, since it gives the framework for the entire event. If you need help choosing the perfect music, find great suggestions here. The other forms are still useful for us to have as well, as the JPL Entertainment team will implement the information you provide us into your event, creating a rich and unique experience for your big day!

Is it better to do the first dance after the introductions, or after the toast?

Some people believe it’s better to do it after the introductions, but others prefer to do the first dance after the toast. It’s mainly your decision and what works best with your wedding day!

Who should traditionally give the toast?

Traditionally, the Best Man or the Maid of Honor gives the toast at the wedding, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Do people normally do (insert any part of the Wedding, i.e., Bouquet Toss, First Dance, etc.,) that way? What are the typical traditions?

Today, more than ever, it doesn’t matter about the way other people do it. It is all about how you want the events in your wedding to transpire. If the traditional route is what you prefer, we can definitely help give advice on how to accomplish this. We can also help advise you on some of the “newer” wedding traditions that we are seeing currently.

What kind of music would you suggest for my event?

When it comes to music, it is ultimately at your discretion. If you don’t have a huge preference on music, then it’s best if you leave us a specific genre (old/classic country vs. just country). It is best if you leave about 20 song requests for us to get a feel for what type of music you’d like to hear.  Feel free to check out our expansive Music Database by clicking here.  If you do decide to select songs for your event, try to be aware of how many songs you select for your event. If you select 6-8 hours of music, we won’t be able to play all of them during a typical 4 hour wedding. What do we do with the music selections you make? Well we pair them with our DJ’s music intelligence to create a magical event with music that fits your interests. This also gets you and your guests out on the dance floor to have a fantastic time!

Why do you kneed to know what type of vehicle we are leaving in?

We ask for this information because the JPL Entertainment staff at your event need to know what vehicle to look for during your event. This is to ensure that when the Grand Exit happens at the end of your wedding, your car/bus/elephant/vehicle is there ready for you!

Should the last dance be just the Bride and Groom, or everyone?

For the last dance, it really depends on what the Bride and Groom want. If you would rather prefer a moment alone with your new husband/wife, shared just between the two of you, then that is your choice! Alternatively, if you think that it would be more fun to start the last dance with just you and your significant other, then let others join in as the dance progresses, or even just have everyone dancing from the beginning of the last dance, then we can definitely let the event run that way. At the end of the day, it’s up to the Bride and Groom to determine how they want the event to end.

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