3 Tips for a Fun Wedding Reception

The best atmosphere for your wedding ceremony is a beautiful and romantic one. When it comes to your reception, however, fun galore is the best way to go. Your reception is the big party that you throw to celebrate your love story as a couple. We at JPL Entertainment understand that. Taking that into account is how we became recognized as one of the best wedding entertainment companies. So, what are the best ways to make your reception fun and memorable? Read on to find out.


  • Short Speeches and Toasts

When it comes to speeches and toasts, the shorter they are, the sweeter. It’s not that your guests do not want to hear all about that time you did something fun as a kid from your dad. It’s just that you can never summarize the whole experience perfectly no matter how much you try. To avoid your guests getting bored, keep it short. You do not want your reception to start on a dull note.

  • A Mix for Your First Dance

Yes, we know that the first dance is a romantic moment, but that doesn’t also mean that it can’t be fun! Work with our DJs to make a mix of different songs that you and your partner love. It’ll be like a mini-story using songs, and you and your guests will enjoy it!

  • A Mix for Your Wedding Music Too

For this to be successful, you need a great DJ. This is where we’ll come to your rescue! Your wedding reception needs to have different genres and songs as part of its playlist. As your guests are varied, so are their music tastes most times. You want to make sure that everyone at least hears one song that they can relate to. Popular songs from different decades should be included too.

What plans are you making for your wedding entertainment? You should contact us at JPL Entertainment for the best kind of entertainment that would keep you and your guest happy. We’re located at 16518 House & Hahl Road, Cypress, TX 77433. You can call us at (832)237-5125, send us a text at (832)410-8011 and leave us an email at djsales@jplentertainment.com