4 Music Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Music At An Event

There are so many things to plan for your big day, music being one of them. A ceremonial event cannot be complete without music. You have to plan what songs to play for each part of the event.
Keeping in mind that music sets the scene on your day of celebration, you need to hire a proficient DJ. Of course, you would want to keep your events’ playlist to be upbeat and romantic rather than annoying and terrible. Here are some music mistakes professional DJs avoid when anchoring an event.

• Playing The Do-Not-Play List
There are so many reasons you may not want to hear certain songs on your big day. To avoid unpleasant reactions, you need to organize a list of songs to skip on your big day.

DJs from JPL Entertainment are highly professional and are willing to meet with you on separate occasions to know the kind of songs both you and your guests would love to hear on your big day.
Our DJs specialize in making events reflect the musical taste of the celebrants and guests. With DJs from JPL Entertainment, you are sure to hear songs special to both you and your guests.

• Playing Music At A Volume That’s Too Loud
To avoid complaints and early leaving of guests, the volume of the music should be moderate. A professional DJ would able to adjust their volume during the various segments of your big day.
We at JPL Entertainment would love to take your event to the next level by ensuring that the soundtrack for your big day hits all the right notes.

• Playing Only One Genre Of Music
You would not want the DJ to unexpectedly switch from one genre of music to another and also to play songs only from a specific genre of music. It can set the wrong tone for an event.
JPL Entertainment has got you covered on this. Our DJs are experts at reading crowds such that we know when to play certain songs to ensure that the music flows well on your special day.

• Playing Songs With Inappropriate Lyrics
Playing songs with inappropriate lyrics could end up ruining your big day. For instance, playing a song with lyrics on breakups on a wedding day would pass the wrong message. It would help to play music with good taste, as you may have guests from different generations.

JPL Entertainment assures you of a grand and superb event. We will deliver exceptional DJs that will make your event memorable for years to come.

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