5 Fun Way to Enter Your Wedding Reception

After you’ve married the love of your life at your ceremony, merely walking into your wedding reception seems a bit boring and drab. I mean your reception is for a celebration. Start from your entrance! Any one of these ideas from us at JPL Entertainment would help you do just that. We’re experienced when it comes to weddings, so trust us when we say that they work.


  • The Musical Entrance

If you’re not all about that flashy life but still want to make an entrance, why not ask your DJ or band to play a song that is meaningful to your relationship to usher you in. You can then walk in hand-in-hand with your new spouse.

  • A Dance Party Entrance

If you’re energetic and love to dance, choreograph a dance with your partner as you step into your reception. It can be a dance you’d practiced before, or it can be impromptu. But one thing is sure; if the melody is upbeat, you’ll have your wedding crowd up and excited with you in no time.

  • Arrive with Great Flair

Do not be afraid to experiment with different transportation options when arriving at your reception. Some of the many ones we’ve seen include: arriving on horseback, a tractor, coming with a boat, arriving by motorcycle, arriving by sleigh and coming with a vintage car.

  • Come in With A Light Display

Plan a show-stopping display of lights for your entrance. Use strobe lights, flashing dozens of them, or broadcast your wedding monogram with gobo lighting. The result: An entrance to remember!

  • Have A Reverse Send-Off

A reverse sendoff is when guests gather with sparklers and create a tunnel to welcome the couple into the reception instead of seeing them out. If your reception is indoors, your guests can use glow sticks instead.

JPL has all the effects that you’ll need to make an impressive entrance to your wedding reception in Texas. We also have a kickass coordinator who will make sure things go smoothly and a DJ like no other. So, what do you say we get started on getting ready for your wedding? Contact us today!