CJ McGaffin


Short Bio:

C.J. was born in Houston, but grew up in the sunshine state. While growing up he played a lot of sports especially Basketball. He moved back to Houston to go to the University of Houston and is now majoring in Kinesiology. CJ also enjoys modeling for the Neal Hamil agency and is “addicted” to video games, especially Battlefield 3. He wants to graduate and make money, outside of that he is undecided on what his future career might be.

Music Interests:

Classic Rock is C.J.’s favorite genre. His favorite band is Led Zeppelin and his favorite guitarist is Hendrix. Along with this, he is a skilled guitar player and is well versed in 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s music.

Favorite Type of Event:

“Private birthday parties are my favorite type of event because it is easy to relax and get to know people.”

Why he enjoys working for JPL:

“It works with my schedule and I get the opportunity to meet new people.”

If you’re interested in booking CJ for your next event, be sure to contact us at 832.237.5125 or contact us via E-mail. Our Event coordinators are ready to help you book the perfect DJ for your next event!!!

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