Dart Battleground

Dart Battleground can take place anywhere, any space with a decent balance of open area and canopy will be a candidate. Cellars, basements, place of work, and backyard spaces are common locations for casual games. For larger wars with a lot of participants, larger venues like gymnasiums, public parks, forests, quarries, and colleges are ideal recreational areas. The inside of big hall like a church could also be made into a battleground.

Participants will be divided into two teams (up to 12 players per team) and supplied with colored vest. Participants will be given positions such as: snipers, rescue team, scouts, one commander per team, and unit troopers. Each team will be given a command post, Safety Zone, and a flag to defend.  Each safety zone should have drinks and refreshments for participants.  Each team has the goal to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their respective command post while defending their flag within the time limit, they win.  Now it is time to grab your guns and let the foam dart fun begin! Remember above all else Have Fun!

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