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Joey Luciano

Short Bio:

Joey Luciano is from Long Island, New York. Where he lived for 35 years until moving to College Station. He has been a DJ since he was 14 years old when he started carrying other records to DJ with. He has performed at Harris Casino in Atlantic City, World Resort Casino in New York City and The Beach Bar in Long Island.  He was also in the United States Coast guard for two years, worked in the sheriff office for two years and was a paramedic for four years. He is currently enrolled in fire school studying to be a fire fighter. He was the DJ for Mix Show, Party 105 and 106.1 93 The Beach.

Music Interests:

Joey prefers classical to ethical all the way down to reggae. He likes hip-hop as well. His music interest is very diverse. Joey is an open-format DJ meaning he loves all different types of music.

Favorite Type of Event:

“An event that people come to party!” “The best events are were people don’t necessarily have a lot of money but provide a place, food and show up ready to have some fun!”

Joey loves to be apart of someone’s special day! He loves what he does and has a passion for music.


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