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Close your eyes and imagine… Your Wedding Reception.

Each moment cascades into the next as if choreographed. From dinner, to the toasts, into cake cutting, special dances, pictures, and the bouquet toss; everything moves smoothly as planned. Guests join the two of you on the dance floor while all of your favorite songs are playing, and you feel as though you could dance all night, wishing it would go on forever.

The lighting is perfect. The room is perfect. The evening is absolutely perfect. Trust our professionals at JPL ENTERTAINMENT to ensure your perfect day goes as planned!

JPL Entertainment will make your reception a once-in-a lifetime experience.

JPL Entertainment starts working long before the day of your wedding. We begin with a consultation to determine your needs and wishes for our level of involvement. Then we assist you in planning your reception, taking into consideration your unique style, taste, and family backgrounds to create a personalized reception.

JPL provides DJ entertainment along with Master of Ceremony services. Our staff is extremely personable and attentive to you and your guests’ needs. The day of the event, JPL is first on site, and we’re the last to leave. We coordinate with your entire wedding staff for a seamless progression through the most memorable day of your life.

This is the day you’ve always dreamt of. When the music begins you feel the excitement as you enter the room. Your guests are delighted. Your families are thrilled. You are excited, and the evening is absolutely perfect!

Contact JPL Entertainment by phone, email, or web for wedding package specifics. We can schedule your consultation promptly so we can discuss your individual needs and pricing.

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