Music Coordinator Questions

 What should the music for my event be like?

When it comes to music, it is ultimately at your discretion. If you don’t have a huge preference on music, then it’s best if you leave us a specific genre (old/classic country vs. just country). It is best if you leave about 20 song requests for us to get a feel for what type of music you’d like to hear. Please be aware that you cannot  request six hours of music for a four hour event.

 What should my introduction song be like?

An introduction song is up to the client, and what they want. It’s important to keep in mind what type of event you’re having, and what type of atmosphere you’d like to create.

 If you don’t have a song that I want for my event, can you get it?

Most of the time, yes. Sometimes songs are unavailable to us, and we cannot change that, however it helps if you can email us an MP3 file of the song, or mail us a CD to the office. We prefer to not have you bring a CD to the event because if anything is wrong with it, we have no way to fix it in such a short time. If there isn’t a song in the database, there is a ‘Custom’ section in the Music Request portion of the Planning Forms where you can type in your request. Be sure to check spelling, and double check the title and artist are correct.

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