Event Booking Questions:

How much does your DJ service cost?

A lot of the time, we can’t give you a straight answer on pricing. The best way is to go to the online quote generator, however most of the time we can do special pricing depending on the date, time, number of guests and venue.

What’s more important for my event:   Ambient/Mood Lighting or a Photo Booth?

This question depends on the bride and groom’s personal preference. Our  photo booth provides a keepsake, and some fun memories, whereas the ambient lighting and dance floor lighting options can create an atmosphere, or a mood for your event.

Which DJ or Emcee should I choose for my event?

Each DJ has his/her own strengths, and each provide a different experience. It might be best to check the DJ Pages and see who seems to meet your needs the best. If you are having trouble selecting a DJ for your event, our staff can help you choose the DJ that is the best fit for your event based off of your Music Selections, Themes, etc.


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