Tavian Glenn


Short Bio:

Tavian, also known as Mighty T, was born and raised in Topeka Kansas and is a loyal Jay Hawks fan. He is currently living in Cypress from where he commutes to the University of Houston. An extra tidbit about T, if he bet’s money on winning a video game tournament, don’t take him up on it, because this guy can play any game like nobody’s business! Tavian wants to be in the entertainment industry through acting or even through one of his favorite pass times, standup. “I was born to be an entertainer on all fronts.”

Favorite Types of Music:

Tavian likes every kind of music except country.

Favorite Type of Event:

“Parties are always fun, but I like weddings the best because I get to MC and talk on the mic a lot at weddings, which is my favorite part of the job.”

Reasons he likes working at JPL:

“I can combine music and expressing myself at the same time, which allows me to do what makes me happy. It makes me happy to see other people happy.”

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